Artificial Intelligence

Some of today’s exciting hearing aid innovations are bringing artificial intelligence right to your ears — with clear sound and the convenience of powerful smart technology that integrates with your lifestyle.

Track brain and body health to help achieve your wellness goals

Use translation functions to communicate with people of other languages

Feel assured that loved ones will be alerted if the hearing device detects a fall

Save settings that automatically activate when visiting certain locations

About This Type:

Hearing aids have come a long way, with state-of-the-art clarity, sound directionality, near invisibility, and even smartphone and Bluetooth compatibility. So it’s no wonder that continued advances would produce devices that can learn and adapt to the specific ways you want to hear.

Want a virtual fitness buddy to support your health goals? Our AI-enhanced technology can help boost your hearing and overall fitness. The devices not only offer robust sound, speech clarity in noisy situations, and audio streaming from your smartphone — including phone calls, music, and messages — but can also provide helpful brain, body, and wellness scores by tracking your physical activity, social engagement, hearing aid use, and active listening.

The hearing instruments contain sensors to detect your activities and gestures, working in tandem with an applicable app and a compatible smartphone. With the app, you can even ask questions about your hearing aid and accessories — for example, “How do I adjust the volume?” — for instant help from the voice-controlled assistant.

Through the app, the devices can also:

  • Enable remote communication between you and our caring team, so we can fine-tune your technology without an in-person appointment — potentially saving you a trip.
  • Let you easily converse — through the built-in translation capabilities — with someone who speaks a different language, breaking down communication barriers.
  • Automatically detect a fall and alert your preselected contacts, helping provide you and your loved ones peace of mind.
  • Automatically switch modes for specific locations, based on geotagged memories you can set — for example, a “home” memory that activates when you arrive at home.

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