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Hearing aids have changed a lot during the 37 years I have been an audiologist! They are definitely not your grandparents' hearing aids! Hearing devices have gone from body hearing aids using a AA battery, to large behind-the-ear hearing aids, to in-the-ear hearing aids. Now they are back to behind-the-ear hearing aids, which have gotten smaller and can have a number of features including:

Most importantly, they will help you hear speech more clearly in quiet and difficult listening environments.

Brands of Hearing Aid Technology

Greenspan Audiology stays informed on many different hearing aid products, but to help patients be successful, it is better to know a few very well. Oticon, Widex, EarQ and Phonak are our favorite manufacturers. These are companies that offer a lot of client support and stand behind their products. Their products are reliable and patients have had success with improved communication abilities.

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

Widex hearing aid batteries

Batteries should last from four to ten days, depending on the size of the battery, how long the hearing aid is worn, or if streaming or bluetooth are used. You should wait 30 seconds to a minute after the tab is removed from the battery before closing the battery door. This will allow the battery time to reach its maximum potential.

You should clean your hearing aids each night by wiping them down with a cloth. Water or alcohol should not be used. Keep your hearing aids in their case at night with the battery door open.

Wax guards should be changed every two months. Domes can be changed or cleaned at this time too (if your hearing aid uses them).

Hearing aids should not be worn when bathing or swimming. They should be removed when you get your hair cut or use hair spray.

If your hearing aid is not working, and you have tried changing the battery or wax guard, make an appointment for us to check it out and send it for repair, if necessary. Your hearing aid will typically come with a 2-3 year repair warranty, but also feel free to ask us about EarQ's Secure Warranty, covering a full four years, available on all EarQ hearing devices.

EarQ Secure Warranty

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